Managing Director

Managing Director

“Caring is the essence of humanity and the basic constitutive phenomena of the human experience and compassion is the force, which motivates a person to care.”

Regency Hospital has been able to establish a distinct identity for delivering Superspeciality medical services in Kanpur and its surrounding areas. After establishing itself as a centre of excellence in a span of 23 years, the hospital has proliferated to specialties like Renal Care and Oncology (Cancer Care) and has massive expansion plans to bring about high quality medical services to the city of Kanpur as well as Procedures like Coronary Angiography, Angioplasty, Coronary By Pass Surgery, Heart Valve Replacement, Kidney Transplant, Hip & Knee Replacement, handling of complicated Brain Tumours & amp; Spinal Disorders. The metamorphosis of Regency Hospital Limited to Regency Healthcare is exclusively aimed at providing better medicare in the state.

The motto behind establishing a Nursing school is an integral part of our overall mission of providing excellence and highest form of healthcare to all. At Regency School of Nursing, we aim to train nurses to a qualified level, with quality education, based on core professional values, competency, passion and motivation through which they can develop observation skills and sensitivity to the needs of the patient. Patient care is an important part of Nurse’s role as it involves critical thinking and caring in a holistic framework. Nurses use the nursing process to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care.

We aim to facilitate the health of the people of Uttar Pradesh and other states by providing excellence in nursing education so that the future generation of nurses are facilitated with quality skills in patient care and become an important part of the medical set up.

Once you are in Regency, you can be sure that “Somebody has put his heart for your care”.

Dr. Atul Kapoor
Managing Director
Regency Health Care Ltd.