Community Health Nursing Lab

Students can learn maternal andchildcare in the hospital so that they are well equipped and aware of urban and rural healthcare problems so that they can deal with the same.

Fundamental of Nursing Lab

It has all the necessary teaching aids and is well equipped with all materials required for the understanding of the fundamentals in healthcare.

Anatomy Lab

Various organ models and anatomical charts are available as teaching aids for the understanding of the fundamentals in healthcare.


Regency school of nursing has a large variety of books, various magazines concerned with nursing and health.


Nutrition Lab

Nutrition lab facilities are available in the school of nursing for practice along with real time training at Regency hospital nutrition center for patients where students can gain knowledge for practical purpose.

Class Room

Well-ventilated classrooms with a capacity of 60 students each.

Other Facilities

This includes a multi-purpose hall, security 24 hours, generator services, safe drinking water, Xerox machine, computer lab and a recreational center.